About blackpool theatres

The world of theatre gives us some of the best stories ever to be told. From the work of William Shakespeare to Alan Ayckbourn, some classic stories have been told on the stage before being immortalised in another form. Shakespeare’s work has been told for centuries, but has also been see on the silver screen, including the Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle of Romeo and Juliet or A Midsummer Nights Dream. Then there are other plays such as Frost/Nixon, which went on to find success in film as well. Countless classic stories were originally told on stage, from Grease to Mamma Mia! and The Sound of Music. It shows that a trip to the theatre is a worthwhile evening out.

West End Shows in London is the best place to start for some great quality theatre. This is the place where actors and other performers from all around the world arrive to take on roles that could define their career, meaning that the best talent is found in a London theatre. So maybe it’s time to take some time off and spend arrive on a wonderful theatre break in the capital city. Some you could be witnessing the likes of Blood Brothers, Carousel, Les Miserables, The Mousetrap, The Phantom of the Opera, Hamlet, Grease, La Clique, Waiting for Godot, La Cage Aux Folles, Oedipus, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Taking Sides, Collaboration or Billy Elliot The Musical. There’s a range of choice that means that there is something for everyone and more.

Blood Brothers has been in the West End for some time, though it wasn’t until its second West End incarnation in 1987 that the show took off and reached a colossal audience. It means that it has survived to this day – not bad for something that Willy Russell originally penned as a school play. It of course tells the story of two brothers who are separated at birth, but grow up as friends – one in a rich environment, attending Oxbridge and getting a good job, the other living life as a poor man on the dole. The show reaches its climax as one of the brothers confronts the other about his more luxurious lifestyle. It is a gripping musical that continues to wow audiences at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End.

So make sure you get your theatre tickets for a West End show of your choosing. You are guaranteed plenty of choice and an unforgettable evening.